Most people will agree that Florida is one of the ideal states for anyone who is from the northern part of the United States to go to retire. With its warmer climate and nearly constant sunny weather, those of us looking for warmth cannot resist the temptation of the tropical atmosphere. Sometimes the hardest part of the retirement decision merely is which Florida city to move too. In this article, I will go over why you should get a home loan and settle down in a retirement house located in Boca Raton!

The Climate

best home loan ratesBoca Raton is on the southern border of Florida with full access to the Atlantic Ocean. With this tropical environment, you will experience beautiful sunny days and lovely warm nights. One of the best things in Boca Raton is the salty breeze that floats in from the nearby ocean leaving the area freshly scented with amazing clean air. On days when clouds move in, and rain is imminent, you will find that the shower happens, and the sun often breaks through the clouds in a matter of hours leaving part of your day unblemished by the shadow of the storm.

The Community

There are multiple retirement central communities in the Boca Raton area. Some of these communities are gated for added security, while others are just made up predominately of residents who are 65 or older. You will find that with over 1/5th of the Boca Raton population being made up of retirement-aged people that the businesses and area caters to the people who fall in this age group. This makes living here ideal for anyone looking to settle down in quiet neighborhoods with like-minded individuals.

Your Health

Due to the large percentage of the population being over the age of 50 in the Boca Raton area, there is a surplus of health care options. You will find regular MDs as well as specialists for all types of health-related issues. You will find community centers with healthy lifestyle events. Due to the warm and accommodating weather, you will also be able to take full advantage of the numerous parks and pathways that can be found on the coast to help get in your daily activity. Boca Raton has a fantastic community that welcomes and supports healthy lifestyles. If you are active and health conscientious or are looking to take care of yourself a little better in your retirement age, the Boca Raton community is the right fit for you!

Local Tax Regulation

Though Boca Raton does have an above average cost of living, Florida’s local tax laws help this to be less evident when living there. Florida does not charge state income tax, and they will not allow Social Security to be taxed either. With these added tax breaks and Florida’s already below national average tax rates, the Boca Raton area can be a financially sound decision for the average retiree.

Out Door Fun

home loans in boca ratonWith the beautiful white beaches, countless parks, and walking paths, the availability for being outside in the fresh are is limitless. The weather is cooperative for barbeques and backyard social events on most days. Poolside parties and things that would be considered summer fun for so many people in the United States can be regarded as usual year-round social gatherings. There is also the Large mall with often has outdoor activities like art walks and festivals.


Often, as we get older, we find that we like to travel and stay busy. Having enough to do after working most of your life can seem like a difficult chore. In Boca Raton, there is an extensive list of volunteer opportunities that can be done. Some of these opportunities include the following.

o Libraries
o Parks
o Sporting Events
o Senior Centers
o Medical Centers

Finding the Right Retirement House and the Right Lender for Financing

Now that you know why Boca Raton is the right city for retiring, you must locate the right home to retire in. The first step you should take in that process is finding a lender that is right for you! I recommend that you contact Kloze today to discuss with them the Boca Raton home loan options that they have available. Some programs are designed especially with a second home or retirement houses in mind. NHL Lending offers some of the best home loan rates in the Boca Raton area. Their experience and friendly team are willing to work with you to get a prequalification so that you will know what kind of funding would be available to you before you house hunt. After you have settled on your ideal property, Kloze can help you cement your mortgage with them and make that new vacation house your retirement home!