When searching for a home loan, home buyers have many options available to them contingent on their specific situations. Knowing their options and being able to negotiate their mortgage terms is a valuable attribute that can help them to obtain the best terms for their loan and ultimately get the most home for their money. Mortgage brokers are the qualified professionals that are there to help home buyers in this process.

They act as the intermediary between the home buyers and the financial institution to help the home buyer fully understand their options. While it is possible for a home buyer to go directly to a bank or other financial institution or lender to obtain their mortgage, qualified mortgage brokers work hard on behalf of the home buyer to ensure that their loan rates are the best available to them.

Qualified Mortgage Brokers

NHL Lending in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has the most qualified professional mortgage brokers to assist you in your loan process. Our mortgage brokers are regulated on both state and federal levels and are in full compliance with all rules set in place for business conduct. Our broker records with the NMLS are impeccable to ensure that our qualified professionals are authorized to conduct business in their state. All of our mortgage brokers have completed all licensing requirements set forth by the state of Florida.

Additionally, our professionals have all passed complete criminal background checks including fingerprinting, thorough credit checks, and complete pre-license educational requirements. This ensures that we are offering professionals that will handle your private information securely providing you with a peace of mind and sense of trust in your relationship with your NHL Lending mortgage broker.

Competitive Rates

Our Mortgage brokers are highly qualified to help you find the best rates for your loan. We have the ability to shop with numerous lenders and banks simultaneously to find the best mortgage rates in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. We have a longstanding reputation for our relationships with a wide variety of financial institutions to ensure a large variety of options are available to us when shopping for the best loan for you.

Let us do the Work

By gathering important information from the home buyer such as income information, asset information, employment documentation, and obtaining an updated credit report, we can ultimately assess the borrower’s ability to obtain financing. After securing all of this information and covering all of the important details, the mortgage broker can set in place the appropriate loan-to-loan value, loan amount, and decide which type of loan would be ideal for the home buyers. We will also submit all of your information to the lender and diligently work with them to gain approval for the loan. If the loan does not get approved for any reason, our qualified mortgage brokers at Kloze will work to research other options and successfully complete your loan process.

Your Guide

Our mortgage brokers are your personal guide for all of your home buying needs. We work alongside our home buyers throughout the entire loan process through origination until the deal is closed. We offer the added convenience of a personal experience and increased availability to address all your needs, concerns, and answer any questions that you may have. Our mortgage brokers vow to work diligently for you to ensure your loan will be a positive part of your financial future and you can enjoy your home buying experience. Our mortgage brokers at Kloze understand all of the options that are available to our home buyers based on their specific needs.

We can thoroughly explain your home loan options to you as we help you select the one that is best for you. Our dedicated staff will make your home loan purchase their priority. Our years of success can give you the reassurance you need. We pride ourselves in our pleasant customer relationships and look forward to our repeat customers again and again. We are a company that you can trust, and we look forward to helping you. Call us today to see how we can help you get into the home of your dreams. We look forward to helping you!