For many of us in the world today, our pets are as much a part of our lives as or children. I know my dog, and my cat are both members of our family and making sure that their needs were met was one of the most important things we considered when looking for a new home in the Coral Springs area. This article will contain some of the essential items you should think about when moving with a pet.

home loans in coral springsTraffic Trends and Street Dominance

When looking to relocate, it is necessary to consider the traffic on your street. Even if you have the most well-behaved pets, moving to a new area can be scary and confusing for them. Sometimes accidents will happen where your animal might escape beyond the fenced in yard or out of your reach. These are the times you want to be reassured that your street traffic is not to busy and those people driving are being cautious and considerate of children and pets in the neighborhood. Having a pet on the loose can cause enough anxiety on its own without having the added worry of your road being a main access street or a major highway.

Dog Parks in Your Area

If one of the pets that are a part of your family is a dog, one of the greatest assets you could find locally is a dog park. My dog Ranger loves to play and socialize with the other pets, and I get a chance to talk and get to know some of the people from my neighborhood. Having a dog park is an excellent way for you and your pet to make friends and become a part of the community; however, there are some things you will want to check on about your nearest park.

 What are the hours you can access the park?
 Is it within walking distance to your house?
 If it gets loud with all the barking, will your home be far enough away not to hear it?
 Will your pet be allowed to play without a leash?
 Can your dog interact with other dogs?
 Are there bins and bags provided for picking up after your pet?

Previous Pets

best home loan rates in coral springsWhen looking to buy a new house, I was always concerned if the home I was looking into had had pets before us. Having had pets in the past is not, by any means, an automatic stop gap for my purchasing a home, it just meant that I would check into a few things before buying.

 Is there any damage to floors or the backs of doors due to pet claws?
 Is there any noticeable smell that would indicate that the previous pets may have had regular accidents in the home? (This could cause my pets to start doing the same, and we don’t want that!)
 Is the yard free from pet waste?
 You may want to talk to the seller about what pets he or she owned and their elimination habits to ensure that you will have no trouble with your pets in the future.

Pet-Friendly Neighborhoods

I always looked to ensure that my neighborhood was pet-friendly. Looking at the houses around the prospective property you are considering is essential to the health and safety of your animal. If you see that the neighbors are out in the yard with their dogs, if you see people about walking their pets, or if you notice cats in windows or yards, you can typically bet this neighborhood is used to accommodating different animals. I take this process a step further and check out what kind of businesses are nearby. Sometimes it’s a good indicator of the neighborhood’s tolerance of pets if there are businesses that cater to the local animal population as well. There are a few items to look for:

 Is there a pet supply store nearby?
 Is there a veterinary clinic?
 Is there a pet groomer in the area?

The Yard

If your pets are outside, It could be crucial to have a fenced in yard. If there is a risk of predators or other pets getting access to them, you may want to consider the added safety of having a fence or barrier to help protect your beloved animal.

NHL Lending and Your Pet-Friendly Home

Another asset that you will need to find when looking to buy a new home for you and your pets, is a great lender! Kloze offers some of the best home loan rates in the Coral Springs area. Their mortgage teams can discuss your financing options with you. With their friendly and knowledgeable staff, you will be able to get information regarding your lending needs to help you make the best choice for your new house. Contact them today to talk about getting a fur-ever home for you and your pets.