A reverse mortgage can be an important retirement tool for financial planning. This kind of mortgage enables homeowners who are 62 years and above to convert a segment of their home equity into usable finances without repaying the loan provided the borrower meets the loan’s obligations.

Pompano Beach Reverse MortgageThese loans have numerous features that can benefit you if you wish to supplement your retirement income. If you’re considering a feasible monetary tool that will offer enhanced financial security and a better lifestyle in your retirement years, we offer Pompano Beach Reverse Mortgage. Here’s what you need to know about this financial product.

Eligibility for Reverse Mortgage

Age Requirements

At least one of the titleholders on the property should be 62 years or older. If you’re married, you and your spouse should be titleholders to guard your rights as homeowners.

Equity Prerequisites

To qualify for this product, your property should have adequate equity remaining to eradicate any existing mortgages. This means you should generally have at least 50% home equity to meet eligibility though the exact limit is dependent on your age.

You can calculate your home equity by taking your home’s value and deducting the money you owe on your mortgage and any other home liens.

Property Type Prerequisites

To qualify for this mortgage, the FHA must approve the type of property. Keep in mind that property eligibility can be intricate. These mortgages are currently unavailable on co-ops, for instance. Working farms, bed & breakfasts are also ineligible as are manufactured homes constructed before 1976.

You should own the land on which the home is constructed; the home should be on a permanent foundation, and it should pass an FHA assessment. Since numerous quirks exist in establishing property eligibility, it’s best you consult our loan officers before you embark on the process to ensure your property is eligible.

Benefits of Reverse Mortgages

As you assess this funding option, consider the following benefits of Pompano Beach Home Loans. These types of mortgages offer the following:


You can use this flexible financial product in various ways depending on the circumstance. For instance, you can customize the product to de-stress your finances if your household has a financial need. On the other hand, if you have sufficient resources, you might consider it as a monetary planning tool.

Low Default Risk

You can’t lose your home because of non-payment, unlike home equity loans. With this type, loan payments don’t exist until you leave the home permanently. However, you should continue paying for upkeep, insurance, and taxes on the home. Moreover, you might be subject to foreclosure if you reside somewhere longer than the loan agreement permits.

No Monthly Payments

One of the most appealing benefits of taking a reverse mortgage with us is that you receive payments provided you reside in your home. This is somewhat different from a conventional mortgage where you have to make monthly payments.

Repayment of this loan takes place when you sell the home; relocate to a different primary residence, or when the previous borrower vacates the home. You remain responsible for paying homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, and home maintenance.

No Limitations

You are free to use the funds from this mortgage as you wish. You can travel, purchase long-term care insurance, or even fund your child’s college education.

You maintain homeownership

A common misconception of these kinds of mortgages is that lender takes your home’s ownership. This isn’t true. You continue maintaining your home’s ownership provided you comply with the loan’s terms and pay your homeowner’s insurance and property taxes.

Federal Insurance

Benefits of Reverse MortgagesThe most widely accessible reverse mortgage is the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, which the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs manages. This kind of mortgage has federal insurance, which is important because you’ll still obtain your payments even if your lender defaults.

Security in case of declining housing market

This loan offers security since it has federal insurance. If the loan amounts to more than the home’s value when sold, the federal insurance will cover the difference. This implies that the full loan repayment will only come from the proceeds of the sale of your home.

Different disbursement options

Every individual senior has varying needs. Therefore, different disbursement options exist to cover various needs. This comprises the option to obtain funds in a partial or full sum, monthly payments, credit line, or a blend of any of these.


The funds you receive from this mortgage are usually tax-free whether you obtain them in a lump sum or as fixed income.

Given the appropriate circumstances, a reverse mortgage can be the ideal way of increasing your financial security and spending power in retirement. If you’re wondering where to purchase this product, we have exactly what you need.