Who’s your favorite middleman? Still scratching your head? We are, too. Mortgage brokers advertise their services as a way to make lenders compete, but that comprehensible definition doesn’t tell the whole story. After all, if you’re thinking about choosing between a mortgage broker and a direct lender, it’s not just about the rate you get—it’s also about what you may not get. And that’s where we come in: Kloze. Kloze is a full-service mortgage lender. We believe we offer you everything a mortgage broker rates claims to provide and much, much more.

Kloze Offers Great Rates, without the Middleman

A mortgage broker may explain a mystical process by which he or she obtains the lowest mortgage rate for your next home loan. But you shouldn’t have to trust that someone else got the best loan from a lender. Hear it for yourself—call us and you’ll understand there’s no mystery to the process. Kloze offers honest and straightforward advice as well as ultra-competitive loan rates.

We have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff of customer service representatives as well as mortgage professionals to walk you through every step of the process. With a mortgage broker, every question you ask is relayed to the lending company, back to the broker, and back to you. Buying a home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. It’s no time to get second-hand advice when we’re ready and willing to speak to you directly.

Why Direct Lenders Are in It for the Long Haul

Because while a mortgage broker passes off responsibility to a lender once the paperwork has been signed, we know we’re in it for the long haul. It benefits us to have a great relationship with our clients, often one that lasts thirty years or longer. This means we prioritize your wants and needs at each decision point. We don’t offer a full range of products to complicate the process or swindle you out of your money. We offer the range products that provide you with the greatest number of options to fit your budget and achieve your home ownership dreams.

No, we don’t think mortgage brokers are evil. In some cases, they work on your behalf (for a fee); in others they work for the lenders. (Be especially wary of this type.) We just think they’re not necessary if you have access to a mortgage lending company that you can access and trust. We feel the same way about some of the industry’s giant lenders. They offer a great name brand, but where does that take you? A brand name often doesn’t have the time to take your calls or answer all of a first-time home buyer’s questions.

We do. It’s at the heart of our business, and it’s why we believe a direct loan from Kloze is your best mortgage decision.