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While having a large family is a blessing, we all know that finding a place and getting a home loan for a house big enough for all the members of your family can bea different story. When you are in search of the perfect home that will meeteveryone’s needs and still fit in your budget, it can seem like an impossible challenge. This article includes a few tips to remember during your search for the Boca Raton house that will work for your entire family despite how many members there might be.

1. Budget for Extra Space

Many people who have three children, look for a four-bedroom home, one room for them and their spouse, and one room for each child. While that math does check out, you might find that having a little extra room can be helpful. However, adding another bedroom as a guest room or office can sometimes get expensive andraise the cost of the home outside your budget.Finding a house with a finished attic or basement space is sometimes more practical or economical as both types of spaces can quickly be turned into a guest area or an extra living space while company is over or for the kids to have an area to play or hang out. If you don’t have company often, both attics and basements make great storage areas as well.

2. Look for a Two-Car or Larger Garage with Additional Driveway Space

home loan ratesIf you currently only have two cars, you may think you don’t need extra garage space. However,if you have multiple children, at some point in the future, various people will be driving and needing space to park. Additionally, you should consider what kinds of home events you typically host and the parking requirements of those events at your new home. Also, having a larger garage leaves extra space for storage. Beyond just housing your motor vehicles, there is typically shelving and space to put boxes and things for future use which allows you to keep the space in the home that is visible to your guests more clutter free.

3. Consider Outdoor Areas and Yard Space

While large yards can create a lot of extra maintenance work, having a large yard can also provide room for your children to run and play. Additionally, a larger yard offers room for your pets to roam more freely, an area to host barbeques or backyard get-togethers, as well as the option of building on to your home in the future. If you decide to expand your family or find that the original space has become too small, having a big yard allows for growth. If your children play sports you should consider having an area large enough for them to practice or if you want a pool in your back yard you need to think about the size of the area that you need and if you could easily build a fence. Having too much yard can be frustrating; however, it is more common to be disappointed with the lack of use able outdoor space.

4. Involve Your Entire Family in the House Hunt

It can be intimidating to pack your kids into the car and embark on any full family function, however,when hunting for a house, allowing each child to feel involved in the decision can help with the transition from the old to the new home. This sense of ownership can make the new house feel more like home for younger children as well as create a sense of responsibility for their individual spaces. Even if you don’t want the kids to be with you at every single house viewing, be sure to include them on any second looks. Ask them what they think about features that you found intriguing or aspects that disappointed you.

5. Consider the Neighborhood

best home loan ratesThis might seem like common sense to most people; however, there are a few things to consider when looking at your neighborhood. First, you want to be sure the area is safe and that the school district is one that you like. Next, you want to see what kind of neighbors are in the area. Are there other kids? Is there a sense of community? Will they allow your pets? These are all questions you should look into before you set your heart on a new home.

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