Conventional mortgageLiving an active and healthy lifestyle can be difficult in our busy lifestyles, and where you live can magnify this difficulty. However, with the beautiful weather here in Fort Lauderdale, there are not a lot of excuses for not staying active. The climate, natural geographical benefits, and medical focusmean that anyone looking to move to better their life should look at getting a conventional home loan (also known as a conforming loan) for a house here in Florida.

Why Fort Lauderdale is the Best Place for Health Conscious Homeowners

For anyone trying to improve the quality of their life, getting healthy is one of the best ways to do it. We have created a list of some Fort Lauderdale features that would benefit any health-conscious person.

Parks and Recreational Areas

Fort Lauderdale is home to many parks, and most of these outdoor public areas encompass walking, hiking, or biking trails. These locations allow a safe outdoor space to get some needed physical activity while enjoying the sunshine and fresh ocean breeze.

Beaches and Waterways

There are tons of public beach areas available to Fort Lauderdale residents. These spaces provide a location for some outdoor sports, skating trails, and public meeting areas. Almost every day you will see some kind of yoga, martial arts, or fit moms’ groups gathering on the beach. Along with on land activities, you cannot forget the benefits of having access to the ocean for swimming, boating, and skiing.

Medical Facilities and Specialists

Due to the fact that individuals over the age of 50 comprise a large percentage of Fort Lauderdale’s city population, there are many different, top of the line, medical facilities in the area. With specialists and experienced doctors for almost any illness and type of medical need you have access to flexibility in scheduling and eliminate the need to travel to see a doctor who will be able to assess and treat all of your various medical needs.

Beautiful Climate

You hear everyone say one of the main reasons to move to Florida is because of the sun and the sand, and there is no shortage of either one here. Studies show that one of the best things for emotional and physical health is a good amount of exposure to sunshine. With the warmer weather, you usually find more access to outdoor events. This means that it is more likely that you will be up and about getting your vitamin D from the sun and your exercise from the movement.

The climate also provides the ability for most homeowners as well as athletic facilities to have pools. The ability to have access to water for exercise is essential to a lot of people who are looking to get healthy. Water provides you with a low impact and added resistance activity. The climate here makes it easier for people of all ages and means to meet their health goals.

The Food

With access to the ocean and a long growing season, local produce and food resources are nearly always available. Farmers markets are available to buy fruits, veggies, and products to help you maintain a healthy diet, and many of the restaurant’s and eateries use locally sourced ingredients so that you are getting the freshest foods to improve taste and nutrition.

A Few Non-Health Related Reasons to Make Fort Lauderdale Your Home

Conventional mortgage loansIf you are looking for a city that can keep you on track with your healthy lifestyle, there is no doubt that Fort Lauderdale is the city for you. However, if you still need a couple more things to convince you to get a conventional mortgage loan for a Fort Lauderdale house and plant your roots here in town, we have included a couple non-health related reasons too.


Among the parks and doctors’ offices, mentioned before there are museums, art galleries, dance studios, and theaters. Fort Lauderdale houses an enormous opportunity to experience a well-cultured environment with examples of the arts in all of its forms.


Even if going to the mall regularly is not your idea of a great time, having big names, local stores, and a wide variety of options available to shop from appeals to most people. You can typically find anything that you need within the city.

The Best Conventional Home Loan Rates in Fort Lauderdale

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