Davie Home LoansThe first thing you need to do when making a loan comparison to find the best Davie Home Loans is to discover as many loan offers as you can. There are a number of ways to do this. For instance, a borrower can decide to contact multiple lenders and get a quote from each of them.

Another way to get multiple quotes from different lenders is by engaging the services of a mortgage broker. Mortgage brokers typically have established relationships with more than one broker, and therefore can manage to get you a good deal with a mortgage lender. However, when using a mortgage broker you need to remember that their services are not for free and you should expect to pay an extra fee for their services.

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Comparing Offers

Once you have received different home loan offers it is time to compare them. The thing about comparing home loans is that lenders rarely ever make it easy for the borrower to compare them. For instance, one home loan lender might have lower interest rates but have higher fees.

When comparing loans you will need to dedicate some time to it as it is plenty of work. You won’t just be comparing the home loan rates but fees and points as well.

Other factors that you will need to compare include:

  • Costs and characteristics
  • Interest rates
  • Terms

It is also recommended that you reach out to friends and family that have dealt with home loan lenders before and find out what their experience was like. This is because at the end of the day you would like to work with a lender whom you feel comfortable with and who is trustworthy.

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Comparing Interest Rates

All borrowers try to find the lowest interest rates as that translates into lower monthly payments. For instance, a $250,000 that has a 4.5% interest rate adds up to a total monthly payment of $1,267. If the same loan had an interest rate of 5%, the total monthly payments would rise to $1,342.

On top of comparing the interest rates, you will want to compare the annual percentage rate also known as APR.

APR refers to the cost of credit, which includes fees and interest expressed as an interest rate.

The APR serves as a better indication of how much it will cost to borrow. For instance, let us say that the $250,000 loan mentioned above came with similar costs at both 4.5% and 5% interest rates. The 4.5% would be the cheaper loan to borrow.

However, if the 5.0% interest rate loan cost nothing, that is, 5.0% APR while the 4.5% interest rate loan cost $15,000 it’s APR would be 5.004%.

With APR you are able to easily compare loans with different pricing and rates.

Something else you need to be aware of when comparing home loans between different lenders, is that the rates will change depending on your credit history and score.

Comparing Loan Terms

Comparing Davie Loan TermsOn top of the Davie mortgage rate, you need to compare the following terms as well:

  • Prepayment penalties
  • Discount points
  • Mortgage insurance costs
  • Repayment periods
  • Home mortgage rate lock periods
  • Discount points

Let us look at the above terms in greater detail.

Rate Lock Period – This refers to how much time a borrower has before the rate they received expires. As a borrower you should always go for the longer lock period because you will have sufficient time to conclude the loan process. In some cases, when the rate lock period expires, the lender might extend it for a fee.

Term – The repayment period otherwise known as the term refers to the number of years which the loan must be repaid. Typically a longer term will have lower payments however the total interest costs over the life of the loan will be lower. On the other hand, a short term is characterized by higher payments but the total interest paid is lower since it is paid off faster.

Prepayment Penalty – This refers to the extra amount a borrower might get charged to pay off the loan early. One situation that might lead to the loan getting paid off early by the borrower is sale of the house. A loan with a prepayment penalty in most cases has a lower interest rate than one that does not have a penalty.

Mortgage Insurance – This is a policy that borrowers take in order to reduce the lender’s risk. In the event that the borrower is unable to repay the home loan, the insurer will reimburse the lender. In most cases where the borrower makes a down payment that is less than 20% of the purchase price, mortgage insurance is required.