Dania Beach Reverse MortgageIf you are looking to buy, refinance, build your next home, or simply pay off an existing one, the progression can be stressful. However, getting a good agent and having a good lender who has your back will make your process much easier. Kloze can provide you with the right mortgage to meet your specific needs. While each step towards your new home is a big decision, NHL lending is dedicated to helping you in whatever ways possible. We understand that every client and situation is different and we are prepared to assist each individual case however we can.

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Through NHL lending, we provide our clients with wonderful customer service and assistance through our professional staff that has extensive knowledge. There are countless benefits of using our lending services as we avoid the “turnaround time”, underwriting and processing delays of big bank dependence. We know how to capture financial market events that benefit you and our local real estate, builder, and professional contracts facilitate improved decision-making.

The Dania Beach Reverse Mortgage is one of the best decisions you can make

Retirement should be fun and relaxing, not filled with anxiety and stress over finances or a pesky mortgage. A recent and accurate study conducted by Zillow shows that nearly 70% of homeowners are paying a mortgage, with almost 30% owning their home free and clear. Most of the folks owning their homes are between 60-84 years old. But what if you are in that age range and are not entirely paid off yet?

We promise that you will not be disappointed with the Dania Beach Mortgage Rates. Enjoy your retirement and let us help.

What is a Dania Beach Reverse Mortgage, how does it work, and do you need one?

Dania Beach Reverse MortgageYou will love getting your new home financed with these Home Loans Dania Beach!
Before we get started, there are a few mortgage/loan options you should consider. We can help you choose which is best. NHL Lending provides conforming loans, FHA loans, Dania Beach VA Home Loans for veterans, Dania Beach Jumbo Loans, and reverse mortgage loans. Once you have decided which option works best for you, we can help you with the process, from start to finish.

If you are not familiar with a reverse mortgage loan, let us explain it: a reverse mortgage loan allows all homeowners age sixty-two or older to borrow money against the equity of their home. The difference between a reverse mortgage loan and a home equity loan is that with a reverse mortgage loan, you owe nothing until you sell your home or pass away. At that time, the money is repaid through the sale of your home, not out of pocket. (Your heirs may also choose to pay back the money if they want to keep the home.) Payments from your reverse mortgage loan continue to you or your spouse, whoever lives longer.

A reverse mortgage offers benefits, not just monetarily, but of peace of mind, too. One of the huge advantages of a reverse mortgage loan is that your credit is irrelevant. Do not let your credit score define you. Lenders are able to offer reverse mortgage loans because your home serves as collateral. This type of mortgage loan also removes the burden of budgeting.

NHL Lending not only offers affordable rates but our automated technology platform will keep you updated from application to closing.