It is time to pursue your dreams and invest in a home but before you go and purchase a home, do you research. The right mortgage broker can take you step by step with the right tools to find you the perfect loan and home. Looking for a new mortgage broker can be tricky. You want to make sure you invest in a company you can trust. How do you know you’re picking the right company for needs? Our clients have said they would have had “no idea” what they would have without us. The have said they were “incredibly glad” they chose us as their lender and each and everyone of our clients have found our loan officers to be “calm, cool and collected.”  We respond to our clients right away, go over financial woes and find a way to offer you incredible loans through our meticulous knowledge of regulations, state and federal laws. That is how we get you the lowest rates in the industry without any stress. Maybe that is why we have received over one hundred five star reviews on Zillow. With so much customer satisfaction, maybe its time you find out what everyone is talking about. Visit us today to learn more about our pre-approvals, refinances, purchases, FHA loans, VA loan mortgages, reverse mortgage loans, conventional mortgages and jumbo loan mortgages.

Boynton Beach Mortgage Broker – Pre Approvals, Refinances & Purchases

Pre-approval is easier than ever with our consultants. Visit us in person or give us a call. We’ll have a quick conversation where, in the end, we will provide you with your free credit rating, an estimation of the loan you are qualified for and a short list of homework for you to finish your approval. If you come ready with a recent pay stub, two years worth of W2 statements and a recent bank statement you can be done with the pre-approval process in less than fifteen minutes!

Refinancing is a fantastic option for clients who want to lower their monthly payments but are stuck playing high fixed rates. Manage your long term budgeting with a low fixed rate mortgage. This mortgage will allow you to plan for future expenses, like a new car or collage, without the concern of future rate adjustments. We offer our clients ten, fifteen, twenty and thirty-year loans. You even have the option of shortening your loan period and refinancing your mortgage into a fifteen-year term when you can afford to pay high monthly payments. You could potentially save thousands of collars and increase your home equity when you reduce the time spent paying for your loans.

We want our clients to have every advantage, no matter if they have bad, limited or no credit at all. If you are buying a home for the first time, we want make your home buying process an enjoyable one. That is why we provide our first time homebuyers with affordable purchase loans with no down payments. Even if you aren’t a fist time homebuyer, we have affordable purchase loans for your goals. Each of our home buyers are offered ninety to one hundred percent mortgage rates, down-payment assistance, reduced home loan rates and more. Visit us today to find out how we can help you with all of your pre-approvals, refinancing and purchasing needs.

FHA Loans & First Time Home Buyers

We recommend our FHA loans to all of our first time homebuyers. This government insured home loans come with low mortgage rates and only require 3.5% for any down payments. Depending on what state you live in, eight thousand five hundred dollars in tax credit is available to all first time homebuyers. Since the HUD made changes to the FHA guidelines, it might be confusing to try to navigate everything you need to do yourself. Let us help you learn more about what is required by the FHA for your first time homebuyers loan.

VA Loan Mortgage Broker

VA mortgage loans were developed specifically to assist veterans as they work to purchase a home. VA home mortgages are here for veterans who want financing with no money down and no appraisal requirements. Even if your current home is worth less than your mortgage or even if you already have a VA loan, our qualified consultants are here to help you with our streamline mortgages.

Reverse Mortgage Loans

Homes build up equity over years and years of home mortgage payment. This money can be paid directly to you in cash! No repayments are required like tradition home equity loans or second mortgages. When you contact FHA’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), they will provide you with the equity you have acquired as well as the opportunity to buy a new house with the money you received.

We examine everything to do with reverse mortgage loans so you can receive all the benefits and low prices available. Speak to one of our consultants and find out what variable and fixed rate HECMs are available for you to use within our selection of HECM products. You can rest easy in these reverse mortgage loans are they keep a fixed rate for the entirety of the loan.

Conventional Mortgage Broker

The government doesn’t insure our conventional mortgages. We keep them fixed in their terms and rates so you can plan your budget and future around the mortgages we have found especially for you. We offer guaranteed loans from the Federal Housing Administration, the Farmers Home Administration, the Department of Veteran Affairs so no matter what you need for your future, we can get you a thirty year fixed rate loan you can invest in. Our conventional mortgages have better interest rates than any other non-conventional mortgages. All you need is a twenty percent down payment. If you do not have a twenty percent down payment, we could still get you a conventional mortgage with a higher interest rate.

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