Congratulations on finding the best mortgage broker rates in Florida. We have only one concern: It may not be the best rate, or the best mortgage product for you. If you haven’t called Kloze, you just don’t know.

Why You May Think the Best Mortgage Broker Rates in Florida Aren’t Offered by Direct Lenders

Mortgage brokers are intermediaries that gained popularity among borrowers for two reasons. For one, they offered access to a large number of direct lenders. That’s what mortgage brokers do: They contact a network of lenders and present your mortgage situation, then return to you with offers from those lenders. Second, brokers were a popular choice for those that had shaky credit histories. Rather than spending the time calling bank after bank, a borrower could just get in touch with a mortgage broker and see how their financial situation was received by a dozen or so financial institutions. Both of these are good reasons to use a mortgage broker—unless you can get those same services from a direct lender. You can.

Why the Best Mortgage Rates in Florida Are with Kloze

Kloze isn’t like every mortgage company. Certainly, we’re not like the big, brand-name banks whose sole focus is the movement of their share price. We’re a private lender dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients, especially first-time home buyers and those without the rare benefit of a perfect credit score or stockpile of cash. What makes us different makes us highly competitive with any other direct lender and gives us a resume that trumps anything a mortgage broker might offer.

Among direct lenders, most mortgage borrowers have the choice between several mortgage products, such as fixed-rate or adjustable-rate loans. While the interest rates may differ slightly from lender to lender, they’re often quite similar. That’s a basic reality of the modern lending marketplace. It means that broker services to compare rates may not be as valuable as they seem. It also means that, for the consumer, you can start considering other factors in addition to the base interest rate.

What are those other factors? Certainly, choice is a big one. We provide more than fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage loans. We have a full catalog of mortgage services that include Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veterans Affairs (VA) programs, and specialty products like conforming loans and reverse mortgage loans.

FHA programs are especially valuable if you are considering a mortgage broker to meet your needs. As an authorized lender for FHA loans, we can provide you with benefits that greatly reduce your barriers to home ownership. These include a 3.5 percent down payment (compared to an industry standard of 20 percent), reduction of closing costs (or inclusion into your mortgage payments), and interest rates made possible only through backing by the federal government. If you want a lender that is as interested in you as you are in finding a home of your own, then you need look no further than Kloze.

Why Your Search Isn’t Complete until You’ve Talked with Us

Our competitive rates and wide range of programs are two great reasons to choose Kloze. However, they’re not the only reasons. We really begin to shine when you include the advantages of our dedicated and professional customer service staff and mortgage professionals. If you’re just getting started, you’ll benefit from their willingness to help you through the process and explain each step. If you are considering a mortgage broker, one call to us will help you realize the immediate benefits of dealing directly with a lender.

After all, you may be starting a thirty-year relationship with a company in charge of financing your largest investment. Shouldn’t that be a decision you make after speaking with the people in that organization? When we speak with potential clients, we know we’re at the beginning of that long relationship, and it drives our passion to pair the best customer service with the best product, every time.