Home ownership has long stood as a hallmark in American society. It has a track record of being both a person’s largest and most reliable investment. At Kloze, our goal is to make the American dream a reality, whether that’s a white picket fence in a bucolic suburb or a cozy brownstone in a bustling urban area. We provide our clients with the best first time home buyer rates and an unparalleled customer experience.

How We Offer You the Most Affordable First Time Home Buyer Rates

Every business starts with people, and Kloze is no exception. We have some of the most experienced and talented professionals in the lending business. Our staff remains dedicated to building and maintaining strong relationships with our customers, real estate agents, and home builders. Our expertise allows us to bring our clients the most competitive rates through a thorough understanding of the market and top-notch research abilities.

What’s more, we’re interested in providing more than just the best product. We’re also interested in giving you an unmatched customer service experience. Our support staff is highly dependable in addition to being knowledgeable. We’re here to serve you—over the phone, via email, or in person—and make sure, at every step of the way, that we’re responsive to your specific needs.

More about the Best First Time Home Buyer Rates in the Industry

Kloze is a Florida-based company, and we remain committed to serving the people of our community. Our local knowledge and focus is another aspect of our ability to provide the customized service that our clients need. We are a full-service mortgage lender that offers a wide range of products, capable of addressing almost every mortgage situation.

Among these are our Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Veterans Administration (VA) programs. These two programs help hard-working Americans realize the dream of home ownership. FHA programs are designed to lessen the short-term burdens on low- and moderate-income families with lower down payments and closing costs included in the mortgage. VA programs for service men and women provide competitive fixed interest rates, no down payment, and limited closing costs. Just get in touch with us to learn more about how these programs can help you get the keys to your new home more quickly than you ever imagined.

Of course, we offer much more than these two programs. From conforming loans to reverse mortgage loans, fixed-rate or adjustable mortgage rates, Kloze offers you all the options you may want or need in a mortgage lender. We have a track record of finding solutions in even the most challenging situations. Let Kloze handle your next—perhaps first—mortgage. No one is more dedicated to empowering you to realize your goals in home ownership.