How long have you held closely the dream of home ownership? What was the genesis of that dream? Did you grow up in a crowded urban apartment, sharing a room, a bathroom, and everything else with siblings? Or perhaps you came of age in a sleepy suburb where you  returned home every day to a cookie-cutter apartment complex that suggested all residents must have the same taste for taupe walls and uninspired architecture.

Most importantly: Where has that dream taken you now? Are you finally ready to turn the key and open the door to a space that’s yours? Owning a home goes far beyond the simple joys of choosing the colors of your walls and the plants in your yard. Owning a home touches us at the core because it offers an authentic sense of belonging, a sense of place. Home ownership transforms four inanimate walls into a sense of security and tranquility. At Kloze, we’ve made it our mission to bring your dreams to life by making home ownership a reality.

You spend months thinking about the most important features of your home and its ideal location. As part of that process, you may need to make some hard choices or sacrifices in terms of style or space to make sure you’re in the right school district or have the backyard your children will love to play in each afternoon. But at least, for one part, you need not sacrifice nor agonize over your decision. Kloze is the clear choice for providing the best first time home buyer rates in Miami FL. Let us show you why.

The Best First Time Home Buyer Rates in Miami, FL, Start with the Best Staff

How much should you know about the people in charge of finding the best mortgage rate for your first-time home purchase? We think you should know a lot—after all, these are the people tasked with financing the most important and largest investment you’ll ever make. At Kloze, we have plenty of great reasons that you can trust our advice.

First, our dedicated staff has unmatched experience and professionalism. This is the starting point for a great home buyer rate. Without in-depth industry knowledge, there’s no chance you’ll get the best rate. Because we’re a Florida-based company, you can be assured that we have access to and interest in the specific information needed to get you the best rate for your mortgage.

Second, our team members want to make your experience, enjoyable and engaging. We don’t expect you to be an expert in home mortgage options. That’s our job. Let us guide you through the process to help you find and decide on the best policy for your wants and needs. We have thorough knowledge of federal and other programs that can help make your dreams of home ownership a reality. That’s why we have such a great track record of finding solutions for some of the toughest mortgage situations.

We Have the Full Range of Products You Need to Secure the Most Affordable First Time Home Buyer Rates in Miami

There’s a reason that restaurants have more than one item on their menu, and clothing stores stock more than one style of suits or dresses. People don’t crave choice simply as an end in and of itself, they crave choice because they have different needs. The same principle applies to mortgage lending. Kloze has a diverse range of products because utilizing every avenue to a successful home loan is what you need, and what we excel in doing. For the long-term home buyer, our fixed-rate loans offer fifteen- and thirty-year options to lock in your mortgage rate for the duration of your loan period. Short-term options to take advantage of historically low rates are also available. Perhaps most importantly, Kloze gives you the opportunity to discuss your options with qualified and dedicated staff.

We also provide specifically tailored products such as reverse mortgage loans and conforming loans. Our connection to federal programs—through the Federal Housing Administration and Veterans Administration—extend the options available to you. These federal programs support low- and moderate-income families as well as service men and women in reaching their goals of home ownership. In many cases, a successful application can result in significantly reduced down payments and closing costs, which may also be eligible for inclusion in your mortgage loan. In the case of Veterans Administration loans, you may also qualify for highly competitive fixed-rate mortgage loans.

Every home buyer brings with them the dreams of their past, whether they’re seeking a house in which  to recreate a beloved childhood atmosphere or want to provide themselves and their families a new and different experience. Finding the right mortgage lender isn’t the most exciting part of this process, but it is one of the most important. And nothing will give you greater satisfaction and peace of mind than knowing that you chose the right lender who, in addition to helping you make your dreams a reality, assures you that your greatest of all investments was wisely made.